JF <3 EM

I’ve been reading a lot about Elon Musk recently thanks to the awesome blog Wait But Why. I’ll admit that when I first heard the name (e-lon, wtf), I thought of this:

“Jordan thinks I’m Elon Musk”

Oh how wrong I was – he rocks. He’s a genius. He’s cool. He’s running three multi-billion dollar companies. He’s changing the world. And he actually looks like this:

“I’m Elon Musk”

If it sounds like I love him, then I probably do – but only in a way you can love someone who turns errything he touches into diamonds. I have a theory that when this guy is through, he’ll be one of the most famous people in history: his name muttered in the same breath as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Kim Kardashian. Here’s what he’s up to at the moment:

  • Revolutionising space travel and planning to send your grandchildren to Mars (not as sinister as it sounds) to protect them from the impending apocalypse.
  • Creating awesome electric cars and is going to make them so awesome that gasoline becomes a relic of the past, much like respect for elders.
  • Powering said awesome electric cars along with everything else with the sun and turning your house into a giant solar panel, preventing climate change in the process.

Now that’s why they call him the real Iron Man.


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